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At HT Houseboats you will find many interesting attractions, both free and paid. We have prepared many facilities for children and their parents.





Free activities

wczasy z dziećmi nad morzem

Bicycles and tandems

Do you like bicycle rides? Our bikes are at your disposal. In stock we also have tandems, bikes for children and children’s seats :)!

Seasonal pool

The pool will help you cool down the hottest days. Next to the pool is a sandy beach where you can relax after a swim.
wczasy w hotelu nad morzem z basenem
wakacje z dziećmi nad morzem

Pedal boats

Lovers of active leisure can have a great time, even when it is not hot, swimming with a water bicycle.

Floating sauna on the water

Floating fireplace sauna cleanses the body of toxins, positively affects the skin, increases the body’s resistance and speeds up the metabolism. The floating sauna cruise takes place together with the skipper.

sauna w domku nad morzem
atrakcje nad morzem

Inflatables with a motor

For people who like to swim we have pontoons with a motor. They will provide an unforgettable experience.


Kayaking is a great form of relaxation, but also physical activity. It is a sport practically for everyone, regardless of age or gender.

kajaki do wynajęcia
wakacje nad morzem z dziećmi

Mini rope park

A mini rope park is something that will surely interest you! We hope you will like this place :).

Children's Playground

The playground is surrounded by lots of greenery and is located on a specially prepared beach. We have a trampoline, wooden swings and hammocks, which will make the stay of the youngest pleasant.

wakacje nad morzem z dziećmi
wakacje nad morzem w domkach z kortami tenisowymi

Tennis court

We also have a tennis court equipment among others balls and rackets can be hired at the Reception.

Multifunctional playground

We also have a multipurpose playing field where you can play basketball, volleyball, football and tennis. Gaming equipment, including balls and rackets can be hired at the Reception.

boisko do piłki, wakacje nad morzem
stół do ping ponga

Ping pong

An alternative to playing tennis is an outdoor ping pong table. Racket and balls can be borrowed at the Reception.


Fishing is associated mainly with relaxation, rest, escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, peace and quiet. Fishing from the cottages is allowed, fishing equipment on your own.

wakacje nad morzem, wędkowanie
wakacje nad morzem atrakcje

Board games

Our facility provides guests with a wide range of board games, card games and other articles that provide you with entertainment.

Fireplace / barbecues

We have prepared a place for you where you can safely light a campfire. Around the seats are made of natural wood – certainly there will be no space for anyone!

wakacje nad morzem ognisko
wakacje nad morzem

Herbal garden

Our herb garden is not only a source of spices but also aromas, fragrances and a wonderful decoration of the area.

Nordic Walking

Mielno – the capital of Nordic Walking. There are many routes available, and Nordic walking poles can be rented at the Reception.

nordic walking w mielnie
spacery w mielnie

Bicycle and walking routes

he location of the Mielno commune is conducive to the creation of new cycling and walking routes.

Extra paid attractions

luksusowe wczasy nad morzem


motorboat speed up to 55 km / h (up to 4 people)

The price includes fuel in the amount sufficient to use the equipment during the rental and rental of life jackets.
  • 15 min – PLN 100
  • 30 minutes. – PLN 150
  • 1h – PLN 250 (each subsequent hour PLN 200)
  • refundable deposit 500 PLN (payable in cash) YAMAHA EX DeLuxe


water scooter (up to 2 people)

The price includes fuel in the amount sufficient to use the equipment during the rental and rental of life jackets.
  • 15 min – PLN 150
  • 30 minutes. PLN 250
  • 1h – PLN 390
  • refundable deposit 500 PLN (payable in cash)
luksusowe wakacje nad morzem
żeglowanie wakacje nad morzem


  • individual sailing training Training adapted to the needs and skills. Time: 1h. Cost: 100 PLN / person.
  • sailing lessons for children (Optimist) Training adapted to the needs and skills. Time: 1h. Cost: 100 PLN / person.
  • sailing on the lake Sailing with the skipper. Time: 2 h. Cost: PLN 400 (up to 8 people).

Sauna on the water - extras

  • cruise floating sauna
  • A sauna cruise with helmsman.
  • Time: 1 hour. Cost: PLN 200 (up to 8 people).
  • sauna on exclusive water
  • – bathrobe / person,
  • – snacks,
  • – cleansing and detoxifying beverages, – a special honey cream for the sauna.
  • Time: 1h. Cost 100 PLN / person.
sauna w domku nad morzem

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