At Herbals&SPA we take care of your pets. Specially for dogs, we have many amenities and original attractions. Security and fun – that’s what a dog-friendly hotel offers.

wakacje z psem nad morzem

Facilities at the reception

  • bowls, towels, blankets and hygiene mats,
  • baskets for bikes for transporting dogs,
  • kapoki dla psów,
  • different toys,
  • first aid kit (including nail scissors, pressure plasters, tick and flea agents),
  • contact to befriended vets.

On the premises

  • dog bowl with water near reception,
  • basket and bags for cleaning during the walk,
  • summer pool specifically for dogs.

When serving breakfast, we will also not forget about your whole family and we will add delicious snacks for animals!

wakacje nad morzem z psem, miska dla psa
wczasy z psem nad morzem

We help others

It is not that the whole fee for dogs goes to our pocket. We try our best to make your friend feel at home with us. In addition, we transfer part of the fee to the hostel in Białogard.


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5 / 5

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